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Who we are?

We are a family running hop farm located in Slovenia, a country in the centre of Europe or the country on the sunny side of the Alps. For centuries family ancestors have lived and worked the land in harmony with nature. Now, in the modern age, we take care of sustainable and quality hop production in the needs of home, micro and craft breweries.

We strive to provide our hops in optimal conditions for the growth throughout the year and we recognize the importance of quality in brewing industry.

Because of the different types of beers, their flavours, tastes and new trends we are going to supply breweries also from imported hops. With valuable and wide experience and knowledge as well as by using modern technology with the respect for nature and environment, we strive for quality and yet pass on the traditions from generation to generation.

Our hops can be found at one of the highest rated breweries across the globe and through the connection with our partners we can assure supplies for you anywhere across the US, Australia, Asia and Russia.

Follow, subscribe and please do not hesitate to contact us. If you are looking for something different find your “Pure hops” at our farm.


Domestic varieties

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Hop products

Wet hop cones

While most of the hops are picked and dried and preserved, some hops are spared from the drying kiln and send directly to brewers within 24-48 hours. These hops are referred to as “wet hops”. Whole fresh hop cones provide more grassy and juicy aroma and flavour to the beer by retaining precious lupolin oils from the hop flower. Available only at harvest time!

Cone hops

Out of picking machine to kiln dried and packed into RB60 bags or small 5 kg Aluminium Nitrogen flushed foils bags. Most will use them for the dry hop with, but some are use them through the whole process. Better overall flavour.

T90 hops pellets

Pellet hops are just grinded-pulverized whole leaf hops and then blended to insure consistency and uniformity of the hops pellets. Hops powder is then pelletized in a pellet mill and after that packed into 5 kg Aluminium Nitrogen flushed bags.


 Our address

Company name:     Hopsi d.o.o
Address:                    Podgorje 7
ZIP code:                   2381 Podgorje pri Slovenj Gradcu
City:                            Slovenj Gradec
Region:                      Carinthia & Styria
Country:                    Slovenia


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